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Brighten your day, brighten your look!

Brighten your day, brighten your look!

Sunshine and warm weather are sure to put a smile on your dial. It only seems right to match our moods with a bold, bright and confident look!

Incorporating colour into your wardrobe can seem daunting, but there's something about a bright outfit that oozes confidence. If you're usually one to shy away from a statement colour, keep reading to find out our favourite ways to bring some shine into your wardrobe. 

1. Strut your stuff in a wide leg pant!

A bright, wide leg pant boasts high-fashion, chic, edgy and cool energy! The kind of thing you'd see celebrities and influencers wearing to fashion weeks and runway shows. However, you don't have to have a front row seat at NY fashion week to pull of this style. You can easily turn this trend into an everyday look by pairing with a couple of classic wardrobe staples. Tone down your pant with a plain black or white top - be it a t-shirt, cami or blouse. Switch out heels for a white sneaker or summery sandal to compliment the colour of your pant. 

2. From TOP to bottom. 

Feminine frills, billowing sleeves, floral prints and painterly patterns. A statement top can really transform your outfit from lackluster to show-stopping! The key is to choose a colour that compliments your complexion and hair colour. Warmer skin tones look great in oranges, yellows, and red, where cooler skin tones look fab in blues, lavenders and pastel colours. Always remember, there are no hard rules when it comes to fashion - if you feel good, your confidence will translate. So feel free to mix it up! The great thing about a stand out top, is you can pair one with virtually any bottom to suit the occasion. Your favourite denim piece, a tailored pant for more "evening" look, or shorts for during the day. 

3. Fresh off the block - go bold or go home! 

If you want to fully embrace colour into your wardrobe, why not pair your statement stop WITH your bold pant! Colour-blocking screams confidence and not only will you look amazing, we promise you'll feel great too! Mix and match solids or incorporate pattern. Opposites attract, and contrasting colours are generally very complimentary. For a super chic and put together feel, you can even create a tonal look by pair different shades of one colour to pull your outfit together.  

*All images sourced from Pinterest. 

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