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Five ways to style your Tee!

Five ways to style your Tee!

The humble t-shirt. We all have them. The one we run errands in, the one we do house work in, the one we sleep in, most of us will even have one we do renovations in! However, a simple tee can be so much more. 

If you were to google "top 10 wardrobe staples" we can almost guarantee, "plain tee" (be it white or black) would be placed. But, in recent years, graphic tees have become a centerpiece of the modern wardrobe and we're totally here for it. Let's take a look at five styling tips to give your tee a new lease of life!

1. Smart Casual
Gone are the times where a blazer or suit jacket are solely for the corporate workplace or formal occasion. Smart casual has become a very popular fashion trend and it's perfect for taking your everyday tee, elevating it and creating a chic, put together look. 

2. Between Seasons
Although typically short sleeved, don't let seasons or weather detour you from wearing your favourite tee! The great thing about them is they can easily be layered under or on top of other garments. During cooler months, try layering a long sleeved skivvy underneath. Don't be afraid to mix and match colours or patterns! 

3. Under Dresses 
There's a number of reasons we love this look. A lot of us own an occasional dress we feel is a little too dressy to wear 'everyday' or maybe, you've always admired floaty dresses with dainty straps and low necklines but don't feel comfortable with such revealing styles. This is where the humble tee really becomes your hero!

4. Leather 
A staple of urban culture - there's something about wearing a leather jacket that gives super confident and cool energy. Need we say more! 

5. T-skirt (T-shirt & Skirt!) 
A t-shirt and jeans is probably one of the most common clothing combos, but pairing your favourite tee with a floaty skirt puts a fun and feminine twist on your look. Finish your outfit with a pair of which sneakers to keep casual and cute or take your tee into the night with heels or boots. 

All images sourced from Pinterest. 

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